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We develop TCEQ approved Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Aggregate Production Operations (APO), and more to simplify the process of obtaining permitting, provide easy to understand steps to follow, and cut through the red tape.


We stay with you even after delivering the plans. Our services include being on-site during TCEQ inspections and using our long standing rapport with regulators to ensure compliance.


We provide soil and water sampling services in conjunction with the appropriate TCEQ guidelines, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. We can help to ease the process of planning and maintaining compliance through our services so that you don't have to worry.

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About Us

Reed & Associates was founded by Steve & Jean Reed with the express purpose of providing honesty, integrity, and support to builders and developers struggling with environmental regulatory practices.  With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Steve has developed a familiarity with all areas of environmental regulations, and a great rapport with authorities (TCEQ) engineering firms, builders, and developers.  Jean has kept the business running like a well oiled machine by keeping the books, handling organization, and keeping the lines of communications with customers open and working.  As a family owned business, Steve & Jean's daughter, Kristin, has become a full time employee, specializing in stormwater & aggregate productions, training, and field operations.

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DO I NEED A STORM WATER Pollution prevention plan?

  • When calculating acreage of land disturbed, include disturbed land-area of all construction and construction support activities.
  • To determine size of a construction project, use the size of the entire area to be disturbed and include the size of the larger common plan of development or sale if the project is part of a larger project.

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Some Testimonials

Brian E. Capps, P.E.
Capco Engineering, Inc., Capps-Capco Construction, Inc.
Reed and Associates has provided us with TCEQ permitting services for several years. They repeatedly demonstrate their knowledge and experience in dealing with the various regulatory agencies to keep us in compliance during our projects. It has been an enjoyable experience as we do not have to worry about that aspect of our project.
Kale Liles
My wife and I used Reed Environmental Consulting when we built our personal home. We liked the fact that they were a family owned business. They came out, assessed our property, and worked up a plan that made it very easy for a new home builder to follow. We would definitely call Mr. Reed again if we ever build another house.
Melissa Dornak
Shackelford Creek LLC
Reed Environmental has done an excellent job of maintaining compliance with new environmental laws and regulations. Their weekly inspections have allowed our company to be proactive, and they keep us one step ahead of any visits from environmental agencies. They have always provided us with a complete, concise, user friendly SWPPP that we are able to navigate with ease while we complete our projects. We will continue to use and recommend Steve, Jean, and Kristin because of their knowledge and professionalism to storm water compliance.